Arleta Szalast

User Experience Designer

Information Architecture, UI- & Interaction Design

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My name is Arleta Szalast. I am working as a Lead UX Designer at Opera Software in Oslo, Norway since summer 2015.

Before that I was working for over 7 years, 2008 - 2015, as a Digital Art Director & UI Designer in several big design- and advertising agencies in Munich and Hamburg in Germany. I was responsible for clients like: o2 Telefonica, TUI, Hansgrohe, BMW, Nike, Lego and more.

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My main roles as an UX Designer are Information Architecture and Interaction Design. Moreover I´m also working on UI Design, Analysis, User Research and Search Engine Optimization.

I’m focusing on how a user feels about my created product, what, where and how elements work on it, how it is organized and how the user and the product act and react to each other.

I´m creating
  • sitemaps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation structures and content organization
  • flow charts, wireframes and interactive prototypes
  • visual design, UI animations and transitions
  • analytics, user surveys, usability- and A/B tests
for websites, mobile applications for iOS and Android,
e-commerce tools, digital services and other software products.
I also do art direction and helping with project- and time management.

So in a nutshell, I make complicated systems easy to use for delightful and functional digital experiences.


I’d love to hear from you.

I’m always open for interesting conversations, new projects and challenges all over the world.

Arleta Szalast